Travel Medicine

You Go, Globetrotter

Go Well. Go Safe.

The world’s a big place. But it’s also small. It’s so easy today to go anywhere, be anywhere. For work and for fun. And maybe because it is so easy to go anywhere, we often forget to take the precautions to help us stay healthy. Here at Crossover Health, we want you to go well and go safe.


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Don’t Leave Home Without Us.

When you travel, for a short or a long trip, you end up exposing yourself to bugs, viruses and bacteria you’re not used to.


Maybe you don’t have immunity, or you’re in an area with health hazards, like Zika, but what you need to remember is how easy it is to get in contact with these hazards, just like it’s so easy to get to these new places. They can disrupt your trip, and sometimes it’s easy to bring some of these health issues home with you.

Steps to Travel Well


Step 1

Know before you go

We recommend a travel medicine appointments at least four to six weeks prior to a planned trip, particularly if you are traveling internationally. Your visit may include:

  • Pre-travel counseling
  • Review of your vaccination history
  • Dispensing of appropriate vaccinations, and recommended medications and prescriptions
  • Discussions around destination-specific health issues and preventive care guidelines
  • Information to minimize risk of minor illnesses and major medical emergencies

Step 2

While you’re there

  • Stay aware of the health conditions you discussed and the preventive care guidelines we share with you.
  • Make sure you have any medications or preventive drugs handy.
  • Eat smart by drinking exclusively bottled water, eating peel-able fruits, avoiding salads, and eating cooked meals
  • If you’re in an area with insect-borne hazards, wear long sleeve-clothing and apply a good DEET insect repellent
  • Think twice about swimming in rivers and lakes because of water-borne bacteria and parasites
  • Keep your medical and business travel assistance contacts with you at all times. Even when you are far away, your health center team is as close as secure messaging.

Step 3

Once you’re back

Particularly if you’ve traveled internationally, it’s a good idea to schedule a post-travel medical evaluation at Crossover Health for any residual concerns about something unwanted coming home with you. We will get you back on track.



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