What makes it awesome?

Crossover is comprehensive.
Crossover is a doctor-led team of caregivers helping with all of your medical and health needs under one roof. 

Crossover is seamless.

You and everyone on your care team work from the same information, so your care is coordinated, informed, personal and seamless.

Crossover is accessible.

Convenient hours? Yep. Same or next-day appointments? Of course. Online scheduling and prescriptions? Done. Multiple locations? Uh huh. Remote access to caregivers? Yes, available 24/7.

Crossover is modern.
Connect to your healthcare wherever, whenever, with the Crossover App. Our beautiful health centers are designed for one thing – to put you at the center. That’s what modern healthcare is all about.

Crossover is affordable.

Who would have thought that personalized care, extended services and ultimate accessibility would come with the best pricing in the Bay Area? Now you know.

Crossover is inspiring.

We work hard to get to know you well, to help you take the steps to get to the next level of health, and help you succeed in your health goals.


Active Care

Physical Therapy

Recover from an injury or improve your core stability and mobility


Alleviate pain and strengthen your posture


Relieve pain and receive treatment for physical, mental and emotional conditions


Ease tension and reduce stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and more


Convenient Care

Sick Care

When you’re not feeling well and need to see a doctor right away

Minor Procedures

Stiches, skin biopsies, joint injections, wart and cyst removals, and more

Travel Vaccines

Shots and tips before you leave the country

Health Screening

Get your annual biometric screening form completed anytime


Routine Care

Annual Physicals

Yearly exams to ensure good health and prevent future problems

Women’s Health

Pap smears, breast exams and family planning


Regular exams for glasses and contacts


Annual flu shots and other routine vaccinations


Ongoing Care

Condition-Specific Care

Care for ongoing conditions like cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and more

Specialist Referrals

Coordination with your specialist for labs, screenings and updates

Routine Labs

Blood work specific to your condition

Medication Management

Adjustments to your medications throughout the year for optimum care


Self Care

Nutrition Coaching

Get tips on nutrition to your lifestyle

Weight Management

Understand and make plans to achieve your ideal weight

Behavioral Health

Learn to balance life and conditions including anxiety, depression, addiction and more

Fitness Coaching

Discover the right exercise plan to feel great every day

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