Healthy change that sticks


Crossover Health is focused on giving you the tools, information and support to help you make changes to live that healthier life. And as you get to know us, you’ll see that everything we do, from personalized care plans and collaborative care teams to technology that lets you access us 24/7, is designed to help you succeed.

Go ahead. Renew yourself. Make your New Year’s resolutions. Because with our help, they’re going to stick!

Meet Ross Nelson, PsyD


Ross is a clinical psychologist with Crossover Health and a specialist in behavior change. Read his posts, follow along at @RossNelsonPsyD and see him present the Renew theme at Crossover Health on January 28th from 12pm – 1pm. Register now!
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What we do together


  • Assess – start with your annual physical to see where you should focus
  • Get real – we’ll create a personalized plan based on your goals
  • Start – with our help and your network, you’ll begin new routines
  • Stick – we’ll work with you to address the backsliding and challenges and succeed!
Primary care

Our primary care physicians can help quarterback your health – and help you win the game. Overseeing and coordinating your health among the care team is guided by our Primary Care physicians. Get across the goal line with the help of your entire care team.

Health Coaching

Sometimes you need someone to help you start or stay on track with your health and wellness objectives. That’s the job of our health coaches. With the combination of motivation, nutrition and behavioral change we can help you separate fact and fiction as you evaluate your food choices.

Behavioral health

Sometimes a little mindfulness goes a long way. Our clinical psychologist can help you address the stresses of work or personal life that are often at the heart of illness, and the barriers to make healthy changes.

Care management

Take new steps to manage a chronic condition. Our medical and comprehensive care team has the care plans to set you on a better course, and we work together to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Cool technology

Stay connected to your health. Our app lets you schedule, message your providers 24/7, follow up on appointment notes, track your health stats and point you to useful info, all on your mobile (and computer if you wish).

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