Health Screening

Know Your Numbers

What you know can help you.

Whether you have an immediate injury or need help for a long term health issue, we’re here to help. Either way, the most important things we can do together are health screenings. Health screenings give you your numbers and help you know about yourself. They’re one of the most important things you can do to get well and stay healthy.

See us when you’re well too!

Feeling sickness or pain isn’t the only reason to see your doctor.

In fact, at Crossover we want to see you when you’re well. Your health screening is a big part of that. Whether you’re coming in for an appointment or for your annual checkup, ask us what health screenings are appropriate for you, based on your age, gender, habits, existing health conditions and more. We may check your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, even do a small blood draw, and get the results right away.


Adding up your numbers

It’s what you do with your numbers that’s important.

After your health screening results, we can work out a plan to use with your doctor, or with any of the caregivers we have at Crossover. We can look for early signs of illnesses that we can address with you and help you stay well. If you have an existing health condition we need to manage together, knowing your numbers can help you stay on track. And, even if your numbers are already healthy, we can help you maintain or improve your good health, with the right immunizations and nutrition and fitness advice.

Know your numbers. Know yourself. Because what you know can help you.

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