Why a Nearsite Health Center?

Awesome healthcare. Close by.


Your employer wants to make it simpler and better to get and stay healthy. That’s why we’re working with your company to provide a new healthcare option, really complete health and wellness services close to your office. We’ve designed everything to get rid of the friction of going to the doctor so it’s simple to experience care the way you want it.

What makes it awesome?


Crossover Health is comprehensive
Crossover Health is a physician-led team of providers who deliver comprehensive primary care for your body and your mind. It’s the care and the people you need when you’re not well and also when you want to really live well. 


Crossover Health is seamless

We connect and integrate every aspect of how we work and what you experience to make it seamless. You and everyone on your team work from the same information, so your care is coordinated, informed and personal.


Crossover Health is accessible

Convenient hours? Same or next-day appointments? Of course. Online scheduling and prescriptions? Done. Communicating with your provider remotely? Built into how we work and available 24/7. 


Crossover Health is modern

Healthcare wherever, whenever, like everything else in your life. When you join, you’ll use GoCrossover, a sleek member account interface and app that become an essential part of your healthcare and your lifestyle. And you’ll see everywhere the attention to detail in modern design that confirms you are at the center.


Crossover Health is inspiring

We are fueled by and celebrate the successes of our members. So we work hard to build relationships with you that motivate you to take that next step, to get to the next level of health.


Crossover Health is yours

You don’t visit Crossover Health. You join. You’re a member, and your membership ensures that we’re truly accountable to you and that you take ownership of your health.


If you have more questions about our health center and approach, have a look at our FAQ, or better yet, drop in and experience what awesome healthcare is like.

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