The Cause Of Health


We all know great health is a great thing. Our work with thousands of employees has shown that when you’re healthy,  you’re more engaged in your work, more productive and happier. That is awesome for you and your family. And healthy employees also reduce the burden of healthcare costs for employers, which is a major issue for any company.


At Crossover Health,we call ourselves the next generation provider of care. We’re reinventing healthcare to improve people’s health and wellbeing, introduce a truly proactive and engaging approach and, not coincidentally, reduce costs. While we treat the causes of illness, we primarily focus on the causes of health, unleashing the power of well-being. We’re here to motivate everyone to the cause of health, through care and experiences that inspire.


This doesn’t sound like typical healthcare, we know. But they define how we believe health care must engage people, the model we use to deliver care, the outcomes we strive to achieve, and how we will design remarkable health experience for you, as one of our members. We’re proving it with people like you at some of the world’s most innovative companies. And we can prove it with you. If you want to find out more about us, visit us at:



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