#BeMindful – Paying Attention, On Purpose

20 Jun #BeMindful – Paying Attention, On Purpose

Thinking businessman during coffee break

“Stop and smell the roses.”  Yeah, it’s old fashioned and a bit cheesy, but it’s still relevant. We all have most certainly had those moments where we paused and took in a big sniff.  So why is it important?  Well, in today’s fast paced society, we are exposed to so much stimuli and distraction that our lives tend to “fly by” without us being able to fully absorb what’s in front of us.  So while we are not always able to remove the distractions of life, we can—and should—learn how to handle them in more effective ways. That’s what mindfulness is all about and what we’re focusing on this month at Crossover Health.

Mindfulness is the process of sustained awareness of what’s taking place in “real time” rather than in the past or the future. I’m Ross Nelson PsyD, the Clinical Psychologist at Crossover Health. Over the next month I’m going to be posting about Mindfulness and how to #BeMindful for your own benefit.

Are you interested in strengthening your own mindful muscle? Register at gocrossoverhealth.com for a “50-Minute Monthly Mindfulness Class.” I’m holding these on the first Wednesday of every month, and of course, you can always schedule an appointment with me to find out how to #BeMindful. And talk to me on Twitter. I’m @RossNelsonPsyD.

Ross Nelson, PsyD