#safesun – Getting Ready for Summer

05 May #safesun – Getting Ready for Summer



Isn’t it awesome? The long days of summer are almost here. More daylight hours make us feel more energized and happy. There’s more time to be outdoors surrounded by nature, and there’s lots of evidence to show that this improves our thinking, creativity and mood. And time to do more outdoor activities, which is fantastic for our overall health. What’s not to love about summer? Almost nothing, except two letters: U and V.

Where we are, the weather is always pretty nice, and maybe we tend to forget how strong the UV radiation is from the sun in the summer, and how much harm it can do to our skin and eyes. Well, at Crossover Health, we want to get you outdoors while keeping your skin and eyes healthy.

There are some things you can do, use and wear to minimize the potential bad effects of UV on your health. That’s why this month we’re going to talk about UV and its effects, dispel a couple of myths and then dig into what you can do to get outside in a smart way. Follow us on our blog posts, come and see our special events or make an appointment with us at Crossover Health to learn more.

You don’t have to hide but to practice #safesun you should go undercover.



Rosy Chattha, MD