#SmoothMoves Come in Many Ways

15 Apr #SmoothMoves Come in Many Ways

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April is Physical Medicine month at Crossover Health.  In our last posts, we spoke about how our approach to Physical Medicine is different (and we think, a whole lot better) and introduced you to our specific services. Now that you know how we work together, and how well it can work for you, let’s dive into our Physical Therapy and Chiropractic services.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy, or PT, has been around for centuries. Even in Ancient Greece, it has been documented that teachers such as Hector and Hippocrates treated their patients with techniques we’d recognize today.  PT was formalized with the first Schools of Physical Therapy beginning in 1913 at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand and  Reed College in Portland, Oregon, USA. Since then, PT has grown and refined itself to address symptoms and causes of many physical injuries from simple strains and sprains, to post surgical rehab to people with neurological impairments.

Physical Therapy providers harness the use of soft tissue manipulations such as massage, stretching, Active Release Techniques (ART), Proprioceptive Neural Facilitations (PNF), and joint mobilizations such as stretching joints, manipulations of joints, correction of tracking and more. We also provide training techniques for regaining use of joints, muscles, movement patterns as in sports, and the re-education of movement patterns to help return people to their prior function, or better.


The mission of our Chiropractic providers at Crossover Health is to be known as the neuromusculoskeletal specialists.  Chiropractic care addresses the pain that affects joints, ligaments, muscles and structure but the real focus is to find the cause of these symptoms. We take the concept of a thorough evaluation to the next level by screening for functional movements which helps us to identify the cause of dysfunction – meaning we not only reduce pain but also help you avoid the pain in the first place. We do this through helping to improve posture and efficiency, and enhance mobility and athletic performance. More than anything we educate our patients on wellness and lifestyle medicine so that you start to learn the habits that minimize the symptoms.

No confusion here

A lot of people confuse Chiropractic medicine and Physical Therapy but they’re quite different. Chiropractors mobilize and restore movement while Physical Therapists stabilize and focus on strengthening weak muscles. Structure and function both interlap which is why it’s a beautiful marriage.

The are some other frequently asked questions as well such as:

  • Do I have to get adjusted for the rest of my life? No. Our goal is to correct the problem and give you the tools to help maintain your health.
  • Will I always hear a popping sound during my adjustment? No. The popping sound is simply just gas being released from the joints and there are many other techniques that we can use to avoid those sounds.
  • Do I only need to see a Chiropractor if I am injured or in pain? No. Chiropractic is used to help strengthen the central nervous system which is why we work so closely with our other Physical Medicine providers and the whole Crossover Health care team.
  • Do adjustments hurt? No. The adjustments are gentle and performed while you’re  in a relaxed state.

Our next post will explore acupuncture in more detail. And if you want to learn more, attend our talk on  April 27th. All three providers will be there and you can register at gocrossoverhealth.com. Better yet, schedule an appointment and see how Physical Medicine can help you make your moves smooth.

Mason Orme, DC

Mason Orme, DC, is a board certified Chiropractor, who is passionate for both sports chiropractic and health wellness. At an early age, Dr. Mason Orme became inspired to become a chiropractor when his ailing mother was healed from debilitating migraines through chiropractic treatment. By experiencing chiropractic care with his mother, he became eager to learn and study the human body. Within his evaluations he realized that one cannot just focus on the symptoms, but rather see the body as a whole being. He went on to pursue his dream at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, where he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Mason has since served thousands of patients, anyone from a professional athlete to a stay at home mom. His mission is to help transform and empower lives to their maximum potential. Dr. Mason Orme was born and raised in Merced, California and is currently residing in San Jose. In his spare time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and discovering new locations to hike. He enjoys crossfit and loves to volunteer at his local church’s large events and homeless shelters. Dr. Mason is an avid reader and values his time with family and friends. Investing time with people is a main priority and his true calling in life.