Our #SmoothMoves are Different

07 Apr Our #SmoothMoves are Different

Young woman runner stretching legs before doing her summer workout. Sportswoman warming up before outdoor workout.

Physical Medicine at Crossover Health

April is Physical Medicine month at Crossover Health! We have the people and the tools to help make life pain free, whether it’s to fix an acute injury or to help you manage chronic pain. And like everything else at Crossover Health, we take a different approach to how we work, one that really is focused on you and giving you the tools to take ownership of your own health.

What’s been your experience with physical medicine up to now? So what’s unique about our approach?

Maybe your physician referred you to one of these specialities in the past. You had an appointment and maybe even a course of therapy, but it felt disconnected. There wasn’t much interaction, if any, between your doctor and the specific physical medicine provider, and he or she could only address your pain issue with  a limited number of tools and procedures. If you went to a physical therapist and really needed to see a chiropractor, it was another referral, another wait, another person working in a silo, another challenge to build a relationship. It can all seem uncoordinated and disconnected, and it sometimes takes a lot of work to get to the source of a problem. In fact,  in many practices there is competition amongst various types of providers, as well as mixed opinions regarding diagnoses and treatment plans.

When you join Crossover Health, you’ll see we manage physical medicine in a whole new way.

First of all, everyone on the physical medicine team works together, literally in the same space. With 30+ years of combined experience, our physical medicine team providers, including a Physical Therapist, Doctor of Chiropractic and a Licensed Acupuncturist, utilize their unique skills to help improve the overall health of each patient. Leveraging our specific physical medicine specialties we approach each patient and each situation from several angles and as a team we are able to arrive at the best diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive measures that work for you.

Secondly, we make sure your physical therapy is integrated with your broader care plan and all the resources you have access to as a member at Crossover Health, such as our physicians, nurses, nutrition, behavioral health, coaches and even our optometrist. This means that we can address the symptoms and most importantly, the underlying cause or causes of the conditions we treat, because sometimes the challenge we see needs the coordinated input of many kinds of providers. SInce we work so closely together, it’s easy to involve our other providers, from a brief second opinion to a care plan that fully integrates providers from across the spectrum.

The end result is that we provide care that’s genuinely focused on you, your needs, and your goals. Access is easy. You can schedule online, work with any of our team members without a referral and email with questions and follow-up. Our care is coordinated. And we collaborate, both with you and with everyone on our entire care team. We think this is how healthcare should be practiced. You will too.

Our next posts will discuss the actual differences between Physical Therapy and Chiropractic services as well as the complementary role that Acupuncture can play in treatment. Remember to stop by the center to meet with us, attend one of our events  and see the space that we practice in and learn how we can help your moves become smooth. 

Mason Orme, DC

Mason Orme, DC, is a board certified Chiropractor, who is passionate for both sports chiropractic and health wellness. At an early age, Dr. Mason Orme became inspired to become a chiropractor when his ailing mother was healed from debilitating migraines through chiropractic treatment. By experiencing chiropractic care with his mother, he became eager to learn and study the human body. Within his evaluations he realized that one cannot just focus on the symptoms, but rather see the body as a whole being. He went on to pursue his dream at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, where he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Mason has since served thousands of patients, anyone from a professional athlete to a stay at home mom. His mission is to help transform and empower lives to their maximum potential. Dr. Mason Orme was born and raised in Merced, California and is currently residing in San Jose. In his spare time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and discovering new locations to hike. He enjoys crossfit and loves to volunteer at his local church’s large events and homeless shelters. Dr. Mason is an avid reader and values his time with family and friends. Investing time with people is a main priority and his true calling in life.