#ibelong – the power of your team

12 Feb #ibelong – the power of your team

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We hope you’ve already visited Crossover Health for your annual physical, to address an issue that popped up, or even just to meet the care team and see the facilities. If so, then you know one of the first things we invite you to do is to join Crossover Health. You might wonder why is there an emphasis on becoming a member of a medical practice?

Maybe the first thing we should address is that going to Crossover Health is way more than “going to the doctor”. Yes, we have physicians at Crossover who expertly guide the management of your care.  Yet, you’ll also see that we have an entire team here. Nurses, physical therapist, chiropractors, acupuncturists, behavioral health specialists, health coaches, optometry, and hosts who can guide you through your appointment and even through the health care system.

Becoming a member means we treat you like you’re in charge, with an approach to care tailored to your needs. This is where the team comes in. Everyone is different, with different health issues and objectives, and having such a broad team means that we can provide the right kind of care, and involve the right people, customized to fit you.

Having a team also means that we can deal with an issue right at our health center – no more referrals to a physiotherapist and the need to make another appointment. What’s more, we’re always able to ask one of our other providers for advice or another opinion, right when we’re together. With this collaborative approach, taking care of your health is not some disjointed affair with a series of people who don’t know each other or you. You’ll see that belonging means we’re all in this together.

Finally, when you belong to Crossover it reinforces the importance of building relationships. We’re not here just to fix problems (although we’re good at that), we’re here to give you the tools and support to inspire you to adopt and sustain a healthier lifestyle, and that’s an ongoing thing, not simply a visit.

We call this approach Lifestyle Medicine. Our entire team works together to look at all those factors in your lifestyle that have good and not so good influences on your health, and in getting healthier. This means your diet, how much you exercise, the sources of stress we can help deal with – all of it. Lifestyle Medicine only works when you have a team that can help you manage the whole picture, and relationships that really involve you and ensure you feel you belong here.

This is membership month at Crossover Health. Keep an eye out for more posts and events at our, at your, health center.  If you haven’t been in, come in for your annual physical. and experience what healthcare should be, and even more important, what “belonging” to Crossover Health can mean for you.

Scott Shreeve, MD