#ibelong – the power of membership

01 Feb #ibelong – the power of membership

I Belong 1

At Crossover Health, you have probably noticed words and phrases like “membership:” “relationship” and “I belong.” They’re different kinds of words for a doctor’s office, I’m sure you’ve thought. Well, they’re different because we’re different.

Your health is as personal as it gets. When you’re not well, it gets in the way of your family and your work. And when you’ve taken the steps to be healthier, it has an amazing impact on how you feel about about everything. You’re energized, You’re happier. You see everything in a more positive light.

So why has going to the doctor’s office been such a chore? So impersonal? You feel like a cog in a machine. You’re rushed. No-one seems all that interested in who you are, and if the health care providers can’t do anything to you, they don’t want to do anything for you. You almost feel like you’re a necessary inconvenience.

That simply isn’t right, and that’s what we’re here to change.

As CEO of Crossover Health, one of the many hats I wear is leading an great team in creating an awesome health care experience.

We talk about joining Crossover Health. Becoming a member is much more than having your name on our list. It’s an invitation to a really empowering health care experience, delivered by a team that has only one goal – doing whatever it takes to get you better and get you healthier.

Does that sound really simple? Well, on one level it is. But in order to deliver on our mission, we have reconsidered almost every aspect of how you’ll experience health care, from the kind of team we build and the technology we use to the pretty cool design of our health center.

We hope the outcome for you is not simply that we fixed a health issue for you, but that you’re inspired to think about your health in a new way. To take ownership of it, with our help, because you’ll always feel like you belong here and can always look to us for the support and partnership you might need.

February is membership month at Crossover Health. Keep an eye out for more posts and events at our, at your, health center.  If you haven’t been in, come in for your annual physical and experience what healthcare should be, and even more important, what “belonging” to Crossover Health can mean for you.

Scott Shreeve, MD