#newyearnewme. Getting started.

14 Jan #newyearnewme. Getting started.


We’re here to talk about how to make those New Year’s resolutions really stick! In the last post I talked about how to muster the motivation to renew, and how to set goals that are not only beneficial but also set you up for success. Now I want to look at things you should do to get started on your New You.

1 Anticipate Hurdles

Tend to give up on household projects because it looks “good enough?” Or maybe stop going to the gym because of childcare coverage complications or a change in work schedule?   Spend some time considering what derailed your previous resolutions, to help you prepare for what may trip you up along this journey. Build in a plan for overcoming the difficulties and  Ggive yourself the opportunity to overcome future hurdles by inserting in rewards or opportunities for motivation to make this year different.

2 Connect With Your Support Network

Getting a little help from a friend never hurt anyone (just ask Kevin Arnold).  Finding a workout buddy or asking your partner for their support in your venture can go a long way.  Involving friends, family, and coworkers can make it more fun, while also holding you accountable.  And no, you aren’t burdening anyone…in fact it’s likely those around you would feel honored to be a part of your personal growth. And make your commitments public. The process of vocalizing one’s plan (in person, #NewYearNewMe) can help solidify its place in your life.

3 No More Tomorrows

What you ultimately are telling yourself will influence the outcome of your “new you.”  So it’s important to build and maintain a positive and realistic outlook throughout the process.  Watching for rationalization and excuses, like the “Tomorrow Trap” can help you stay ahead of a downward spiral. The “Tomorrow Trap”  is when we get in the habit of telling ourselves that we will “do it tomorrow” when in fact we have the resource and time to get to it today.  Remember: your self of tomorrow has the ability to say “tomorrow,” too!  This repeat offender is one of the most common pitfalls that results in people giving up on their resolution.  Removing tomorrow from your vocabulary and making room for your goal today (despite maybe not feeling 100% up for it) will help you feel better tomorrow!

Are you ready? Do you have a specific goal in mind? Then it’s time to get started.

If you haven’t come in to Crossover yet to get your health screening, you really should! It’s a great goal setter and motivator, and a really useful tool for all of us here to provide you with the advice and tips that help you succeed.  If you want to know more about setting goals, sticking to them, and achieving your best health, come to a special presentation I’m giving on January 14 and January 26 at the Health Center. And if you want to follow up with me with questions or comments outside of our health center, talk to  me on Twitter. I’m @RossNelsonPsyD.  

Ross Nelson, PsyD