You may already noticed at Crossover Health that we have pretty strong opinions about how to stay happy and healthy. That there is a lot of expertise in a lot of areas on our team. That we like to personalize care with stories.

That’s what this blog is all about.

We’re a big company with almost 300 people at various Crossover Health centers in a number of regions. That means we’re going to be able to cover a lot of ground. As you notice when you come and see us at our health centers, we have experts in many different areas of practice who work together for you, from our nurses and doctors to chiropractors, physical therapists, dietitians and behavioral health coaches. Imagine how many experts we have when you think of all of the health centers we have!

They’re going to have things to say about staying well, staying fit, staying agile. They’ll give their perspectives on diet trends, how to manage stress, getting over the fear of needles in acupuncture, training for a marathon, how to shop your supermarket in a healthy way…the list goes on, all of it designed to help you take charge of your own health.

Our contributors will tell you their own stories too. Tales of travel, how they changed their diets, what they did when faced with their own health challenges. Because we’re so big on creating the awesome experience, we’re going to have posts about great and not-so-great experiences we see outside of Crossover.

Whatever we talk about, though, we hope you find it valuable. Maybe it speaks to something you’ve been wrestling with for a while, or will spark a conversation, the next time you come in and see us or send us a message.

So come back and read what we have to say. Be a regular. Get inspired!